“Her sound utterly ravishing”
Leslie Weisman, DCMETROOFTHEARTS (2016)
“As a soloist, Alkhazova revealed an instrument capable of heart-stopping mastery, shifting swiftly from sounds of burnished gold to softly pinging, pitch-perfect tones, all in the upper register.”
Leslie Weisman, DCMETROOFTHEARTS (2016)

"Russian-American Zhanna Alkhazova is a veritable force of nature, ; never losing her on solid technique, she each aria with the passion we want to at the opera."
     Meche , VOCEDIMECHE.NET (2014)  

"Zhanna Alkhazova intoned Lenora’s aria from Il Trovatore with pleasant command... Her instrument was writ and luminous, and her roulades and portamenti were creamy and smooth."
      Lee Eiseman, THE BOSTON MUSICAL (2013)

"Enter Donna Elvira, a role which requires a large ; soprano Zhanna Alkhazova fulfilled the of the role to perfection. She has been seduced and abandoned by the Don and pursues him throughout the opera. Her "Mi tradi" was superb as she did a fine of limning the Donna Elvira has toward her ."
      Mece Kroop, Vocedimeche (2013)

"In a trio from the same opera (), soprano Zhanna Alkhazova added her clean, unaffected and well-formed ."
     Lee Eiseman, THE BOSTON MUSICAL (2013)